A Maternity Bra You'll Want To Wear

A Maternity Bra You'll Want To Wear
If you’re pregnant or planning a pregnancy, you're probably asking yourself if you need a new bra, the answer is yes!
Breast size increases pretty early during pregnancy (from around 6 weeks), and many will find they outgrow their bras pretty fast. If you are currently pregnant, you may already be experiencing tender breasts more than normal due to hormonal changes and everything else that comes with pregnancy. You'll also find that you need additional support at night time if you want to get a good night's rest. 
So what's the benefit of a maternity or nursing bra compared to a regular bra? Think of a maternity bra as the best version of a regular bra—designed specifically for comfort- no constricting underwires. Features include wider straps (this allows growth during pregnancy), extra latches on the band, softer fabrics, less to no seams etc., basically heaven.
Have you decided that you are in need of a new bra? We’ve got the bra to get you through and beyond your pregnancy. 

Our FLEUR bra is non-wired but designed to be supportive, its unique bamboo fabric will keep you cool & dry during the night, helping you get the beauty sleep you deserve. 🌱

You can wear our FLEUR bra through pregnancy and post-pregnancy which means you will get a LOT of wear out of it. Most women find that once they have their baby they need to wear a bra or sleep in a bra to hold breast pads in place (breast pads to absorb breast milk during sleep). The additional wicking in the fabric will also help with any additional duct leakage while sleeping, so much better.

The bra has been designed with a front opening strap option, which is extremely helpful for changing breast pads or while nursing. Its anti-bacterial fabric technology will also help prevent any nasty infections like mastitis. 🌱

UK blogger Caitylis tried the FLEUR bra during her pregnancy, it was so comforting that she has added it to her pregnancy product saviour list. 


"it's made to be anti-bacterial and is 97% resistant to the growth of negative bacteria, which is obviously delightful whilst you're feeding your newborn.

Being completely seam-free, with no wires makes every day a bliss of pure comfort and happy boobies. They also come with removable modesty pads that give you a little bit of padding and nipple-hiding help.

Obviously, the front shoulder openings will make breastfeeding SO much easier than any normal bras or not wearing one at all!" - Caitlys

caitylis maternity bra

" I got sent this maternity/nursing/clinical bra, and I am yet to take it off 🙈 honestly the comfiest bra I have EVER worn. I even napped in it - and I’m all for the “bed time = boobs out” combo, but the support this has given me for pregnancy growing boobs... is next level. It’s made from some magic bamboo fabric, which probably explains why it’s so bloody soft!  "

If you would like to purchase a FLEUR bra, click here. You won't regret it!

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