Hot Flushes? Don’t Sweat It!

by Eileen Rainsberry October 18, 2018

Hot Flushes? Don’t Sweat It!

It’s World Menopause Day and we thought that was a good enough reason to ask our friends at Become™ to do something nice for Theya Healthcare followers…so keep reading!

In case you haven’t heard, Become™ are the revolutionary new brand of clothing designed to help the millions of women who suffer from debilitating hot flushes and night sweats. Their vests and knickers are proven to significantly reduce the number and severity of hot flushes and night sweats caused by menopause, illness, surgery or prescribed drugs.

Become Menopause Underwear

What are hot flushes and night sweats?

When your body begins to go through the menopause, be it natural or due to surgery, illness or medication, the change in hormonal levels can affect the hypothalamus, a tiny part of the brain which controls body temperature. As a result, your body becomes confused and may think your temperature is rising, even when it isn’t. The hypothalamus will suddenly begin to send signals that you’re too hot and this can make you feel flushed and start to sweat. To compensate for the rise, the core body temperature then drops, which is why you get the sudden chills afterwards.


What is Become™ clothing made of?

Become™ clothing is made using a unique fabric which is knitted on a cross section with a flat thread to produce a cylindrical seamless fabric which is ultra-thin and cool to the touch. A high-tech coating is applied which helps regulate body temperature, wicks moisture away from the body and reduces odour. What sets us apart from all the other cooling clothing brands is that the fabric uses patent-pending Anti-Flush technology™ to absorb and store the heat from the surface of the skin during a hot flush and releasing it back onto the skin during the chill that follows. This helps to maintain a more stable body temperature, with less fluctuation, throughout the day and night. Want to see more about how it works? Check out their 'Science Behind' feature here.

What customers are saying about Become™

Over 95% of customers see a difference wearing Become™. Jude has kindly shared share her story. Working on a busy hospital ward, she was suffering with up to 18 hot flushes a day, but the vests helped her to take back control of her life. Watch her video.


15% off for Theya Healthcare followers

To celebrate World Menopause Day, Become™ has very kindly offered 15% discount to Theya Healthcare followers! So visit their site today and use code THEYA15 at the checkout*. They even offer a 60-day 'Money Back Guarantee' if it doesn’t help with your flushes and sweats.


*15% off entire order. New customers only. One use per customer.

Eileen Rainsberry
Eileen Rainsberry


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