Surprise! Know Your Size | How to Measure Your Bra Size.

Surprise! Know Your Size | How to Measure Your Bra Size.

How do I find the perfect bra fit?

Many woman ask "how do I measure my bra size?" We can find ourselves a bit lost on lingerie websites looking for bra guidelines, don't panic! I aim to give you more confidence with that journey. 


Know your boobs

Firstly, our breasts / boobs have no musclesonly fatty tissue and ligaments. It's understandable how varying life cycles and changing health impacts our bust size. If you've been measured before, don't be surprised if your bra size has changed.


We ask that you check your fruit bowl 😂

Bra Size Guide Fruit

To ease this task; in the quest for the perfect bra fit, I would like to use analogies 😉. We are all familiar with magazines and dressing guides where we see a comparison to a woman’s shape like 'Apple', 'Round Apple' & 'Pear' shaped etc.,  So say we refer to Fruits to helps us establish an idea of our Cup size!  

It's only a reference, but goes a long way to giving us an idea of our Cup size when looking to purchase Bra's.  

A ‘C Cup’ is similar in size to a peach,  A ‘ D Cup’ is similar in size to an appleA ‘F Cup’ is similar in size to a grapefruitA ‘G Cup’ is similar in size to a melonA ‘H Cup’ is similar to a watermelon. 

A ‘DD Cup and E Cup’ will sit just over the size of an apple, A ‘FF cup’ will sit just above the size of a grapefruit. 


This is the tricky part... but we've got a hack 👍

Now Back Sizes! Bras are made in varying back sizes. UK Sizes vary to EUR Sizes the below grid may help with that: 

UK/AUS/NZ      Back Sizes   28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 

EUR /USA/ FR  Back Sizes   60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 

If you need help finding your true ‘under bust’ measurement just follow our FITTING VIDEO here.

Your measurement may be lower than the bra size you are wearing but that is your measurement. Another helpful approximate guide to back measuring is by your dress size:  

Size 12 is a 32 – 34 backSize 14 is a 34 – 36 backSize 16 is a 36 – 38 back

Size 18 is a 40 – 42 backSize 20 is a 44 – 46 backSize 22 is a 46 - 48 back. 


That's it! You've successfully graduated in the tools for getting the perfect bra fit!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found our "Bra size guide" helpful and interesting!


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