Jennifer O'Connell - Theya Bambú Ambassador tells us how to beat the heat with BAMBOO this summer.

Jennifer O'Connell - Theya Bambú Ambassador tells us how to beat the heat with BAMBOO this summer.

I'm surely not the only woman who greats long hot summer days with equal amounts of joy and dread?

Midsummer means, different things to different people. To some it means rising temperatures, an opportunity to wear our favourite Summer wardrobe. It means, dining alfresco, trips to the beach and summer holidays.  It can also mean long hot summer garden parties and seemingly endless bright summer evenings, all of which we love and look forward to each year, but,  there is also the other side of these idylic instagram moments. For some of us, Midsummer also means sweaty, sticky underwear, chaffing thighs under summer dresses, seemingly never ending restless sleepless nights, hay fever,  and waking up at the crack of dawn at 4am when the sun rises.

The answer to all of these issues, believe it or not is  - BAMBOO   

I discovered the miracle of Bamboo after my breast surgery - now my friends and I actively all consciously seek out bamboo fibre garments over cotton because of it's sustainability and the long list of natural benefits including the supreme softness, naturally anti bacterial, naturally Thermal regulating, UV resistant, breathable and wickability etc.

I have chosen a selection of wonderfully, practical but luxurious items from Theya's Lingerie and Sleep collections that will solve any and all of the above problems for you and  your family and friends.  Once you have discovered the wonders of bamboo you too will be a devotee.

Bamboo feels like cashmere when spun into fabric - it can be woven into silk and can be transformed into cashmere feel super soft, itch free wire free, seamless underwear and makes the most wonderful no more chaffing bamboo shorts.


Bamboo bedding

I must apologise - we just made getting out of bed much more difficult.  I suggest you try our Jo Browne silk bamboo pillowcases to experience for yourself the sheer luxury and cooling effect of bamboo silk on your skin.  Not only that, but because of it's silk quality, sleeping on a bamboo silk pillowcase can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles as your face won't be squished on the pillow, it's also great for helping to prevent bed head!  If you have a few more bob you may want to go for the full bamboo silk sleep experience and buy the bedlinen bundles.  I promise you once you experience the feel of bamboo silk bedlinen you will never sleep on anything less luxurious, soft and soothing again. 

If, like me, you are going through the 'joys' of the menopause or you are one of the thousands in this country who have sensitive skin (ezcema or psoriasis ) you will know just how infuriatingly itchy, every single tag and seam on all your clothing can be.  This problem can be exacerbated in the hot weather.  Not with Theya underwear - this is why I fell in love with this brand - Theya underwear is designed by women for women.  Women who have walked the same walk as you and I. Theya Lingerie is designed with no wires, no seams, no tags, no itch!!! Find out more about the Fleur wireless bra and Rose shorts


Hayfever and masks

Hayfever is an issue for many of us and now that wearing face masks is socially acceptable, many of us are wearing masks to protect us from allergy triggers - The Theya Bamboo Mask is ideal to protect you from pollen when cutting the lawn, gardening, out cycling or hiking or anywhere near other hay fever triggers. Made from naturally anti bacterial, breathable bamboo fibre and designed as a tube without painful earloops - the reusable, washable face masks sit around your neck like a scarf ready top pull up over your nose and mouth when you are at risk from allergy triggers.

I know I am not alone when it comes to sweaty summer thighs and the issue of chaffing,  if this is an issue for you, just know that you no longer have to suffer the raw rub - check out the Theya bamboo Rose Short not only do they provide all the benefits of bamboo underwear but because they are designed as a short they also help with the sweaty inner thigh issue that affects a very high number of women.  Hope you love them as much as I do. 


Eye masks / Sleep masks

Eye masks or sleep masks link work by blocking out artificial light. “Light, especially at night, can disrupt our internal biological 'clock' that helps to regulate our evolutionary sleep-wake patterns.

The impressions of your wrinkled pillowcase on your face can actually lead to wrinkles (unless they are bamboo silk of course) link. If you sleep on your side or stomach, the combination of the pressure against your skin and any rubbing on your non bamboo silk pillowcase that makes these impressions can lead to collagen breakdown—which means crow’s feet.

As skin cells replicate and reproduce during the night, wearing an overnight mask is like giving that renewal process a helping hand. Check out this wonderfully decadent but very inexpensive bamboo silk eye mask – Silky sleep mask to block out the light for total relaxation and restful healthy sleep.


Sleep Bras

Sleep bras are the answer to so many issues for so many women, painful breasts due to PMT, early pregnancy, menopause, mastitis while nursing, heavy milk filled boobs post partum or even post surgery.  I recommend the Theya Fleur for PMT, early pregnancy, nursing or Theya Peony front fastening for breast feeding, and larger breasts that need the appropriate support in bed to aid comfortable sleep.  You will thank us in the morning once you have experienced a good night sleep. 

Any and all of the above suggestions would make lovely thoughtful gift for someone going through, pregnancy, breast feeding, the menopause, or someone with sensitive skin or anyone who has gone through breast surgery, infact anyone who deserves to be pampered and to be given the gift of a good night sleep. 

Finally, I recommend you listen to some soothing and relaxing soundscapes - one of my favourites is the soothing, gentle sounds of a Bamboo Forest - You are welcome! 

Sweet, sweet Midsummers night dreams.

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