How to Support a Loved One Going Through Breast Cancer

How to Support a Loved One Going Through Breast Cancer

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Having my personal breast cancer experience has taught me to appreciate my friends and family more than ever.  The kindness and consideration shown by my loved ones and surprisingly, too, by people I hardly knew, was just so lovely, I felt loved and appreciated and I will never forget it. 

People couldn't do enough for me.  Food and gifts were arriving daily, it was overwhelming and emotional - the kindness and thoughtfulness of others was a reaffirmation of how wonderful people can be. 

I remember thinking at the time, how difficult it must be to choose an appropriate gift for someone dealing with an illness or going through treatment.  


What to say


At this time, you are vulnerable and hyper-appreciative of acts of kindness and personal contact.  I would advise anyone who knows someone who is going through an illness or treatment - please don't be afraid to text or call that someone to acknowledge what they are experiencing - I received so many lovely messages of support and care.   

Here is an example of what you could say: 

 “I am so sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time, I want you to know that I am thinking of you and wishing you all the best for your treatment and recovery and sending you all my love.   

"I am here if you need anything at all and please let me know if I can drive you anywhere, keep you company, run any errands for you, anything at all, I will be delighted to be of help.” 



 What to give 


There are many thoughtful gifts to choose from.  In my own case, I could have opened up an online business selling scented candles and cozy dressing gowns.  Fab and very, very welcome gifts.   

However, when I am considering what to buy a friend who is going through breast cancer or even menopause, I would argue you can't get more thoughtful or considerate than Bamboo underwear. Bamboo is the ultimate female-friendly textile as it is naturally; 

  • Thermo regulating 

  • Antibacterial 

  • Odor resistant 

  • Wickable 

  • As soft as luxurious cashmere 

Your friend or loved one will be so grateful for this thoughtful and considered gift, it really will show that you care and that you truly gave it consideration, and because of that, you understand.