Maternity Bamboo Bras

During pregnancy, it's hard to know what maternity bra is best for your changing body, and when is the right time to switch to a maternity bra. You need support, comfort, and a stretchy material that can grow as your body does, from the very first trimester. That's why Theya Maternity Bras exist. An innovative bra to take you through every stage of pregnancy. Designed using our unique bamboo fibre, our bras are naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, anti-odour, thermo regulating and breathable. Our maternity bra helps reduce the breast pain and sensitivity that comes along with pregnancy, stretches as your body grows, thermally regulates your body throughout those hot flashes. with no wires, seams or tags for optimum comfort at all times. Sleep is not easy when growing a human, and even more precious with a new baby, so of course Theya bras feel like cashmere on your skin, and make the ideal sleeping bra.
When a bra is made for women, by women, we don't leave anything out.


Award winning in the BizzieBaby Pregnancy Category, expertly endorsed, and backed by science, Theya Bras won't let you down.