Maternity Bras

Theya Healthcare maternity bras are naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, anti odour, anti fungal, thermo regulating, breathable, UV resistant, eco friendly, sustainable as well as latex free & vegan friendly. Made from soft bamboo fibre. Supported and comforted throughout your pregnancy and once the little one arrives as our maternity bras have no tags or wires while they are made from incredibly soft bamboo for your comfort making them an ideal sleeping bra also. 

Luxuriously soft bamboo maternity bras from Theya Healthcare offer complete comfort during pregnancy and give easy breastfeeding access once your baby arrives. Our maternity bras include everything you need from a maternity bra including comfort, stretchy material to adapt as your body changes, ease of movement, gentle but ample support as well as pockets for breast pads to help you avoid leaks. 

Browse our maternity garments today which include the Theya Fleur which was a BizzieBaby Award winning nursing bra in the Pregnancy Category. All of our bras were designed by women for women and provide exceptional comfort and functionality for women so you can feel confident, supported and comforted both during and after pregnancy.

Shop from our range of post surgery bras today, we ship worldwide!