Menopause Bras

During menopause, our bodies experiences so many changes which can effect our confidence and comfort levels. Bras from Theya Healthcare can help you feel like yourself during menopause as they are thermo-regulating, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti odor while also offering premium comfort

What you need from a bra change as you go through menopause so you need bras which offer great support, keep you comfortable and also prevent skin irritation. Bamboo bras from Theya Healthcare are perfect for anyone feeling the side effects of menopause as our bras are soft, gentle and offer the support you need

All of our bras have been created and tested by women who know exactly what you are going through so they are designed to empower women throughout the changes that come with menopause. 98% of customers tell us they are satisfied with bamboo bras from Theya Healthcare so browse our range of bras today and feel confident throughout your menopause journey.

We ship worldwide so start shopping today!