Nursing Bras

While breastfeeding your little one, you need strong support, ultimate comfort, and easy access from your nursing bra. We are redefining the standards for women's nursing bras, from their inside pockets to hold maternity pads to the super soft antibacterial bamboo material, proven to help soothe sensitive breasts and reduce the risk of mastitis. A nursing bra that goes above and beyond, as it should.

Our award winning Theya Fleur Nursing Bra has previously won a BizzieBaby in the Pregnancy Category and it has been designed by women who know exactly the kind of support you need while breastfeeding, making it the ultimate nursing bra. All of our nursing bras are anti-bacterial, breathable, anti-odor, latex free, vegan friendly and capable of drawing moisture away from the skin faster than 100% cotton. Designed to care for you as you care for your baby.

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