Maternity Bra to help with Sleep

Whether you are pregnant and expecting or breastfeeding post partum, the right supportive underwear is so important, during the day and the night.

Choosing the right underwear is important to make sure you're comfortable while you're body is changing shape and growing or, breastfeeding your baby or just allowing your body to settle down post partum.  

Support and comfort are important all day every day  - before you had your baby, you didn't think your breasts needed looking after while you sleep. But now, a good sleep bra is vital in supporting you while you rest. 

  • softness, comfort, stretch and ease of movement are essential during this time.  Your breasts are changing and you need gentle but ample support and you also need pockets for breast pads -  breasts tend to leak at night. 
  • You want cashmere soft, bamboo comfort, you don't want to cause blocked milk ducts, which can lead to mastitis
  • You definitely don't want under wire or itchy seams or tags.  Our bras can be pulled on or done up at the front for ease. 
  • We suggest you get three or four bras, so that you'll have spares when they're in the wash.