In 2015 Theya Healthcare was founded by Ciara Donlon, an award winning social entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in management and marketing.

In 2010, Ciara embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by opening her first business.

After a number of years at the helm of a very successful lingerie retail business, in 2015 the idea for THEYA Healthcare came about. Breast cancer survivors regularly came into the store needing post-surgery bras, and Ciara quickly recognized a gap in the market as she was unable to find a sustainable product that adequately met their needs.

This led her to form Theya Healthcare, which designs and manufacturers patented bamboo post-operative garments that are clinically proven to heal and aid recovery.


We couldn't be more FemTech if we tried - Theya Healthcare was founded by a woman, responding to the needs of women. Our products are designed by women for women. We have been a FemTech business since day one, even if we didn't realise it.
Empathy, listening and fulfilling a need through sustainable innovation is at the core of our DNA. Women’s healthcare issues are coming to the forefront with an increased focus to differentiate care provided for healthcare issues specific to women. 50% of the world’s population is women and their global incomes are competing with the GDPs of top countries.

Women all over the world are buying our unique bamboo fibre underwear to wear during their pregnancy and appreciate that our wonderfully soft stretchy bras and shorts grow with their beautiful bodies.

The bamboo fibres in our bras act as a unique, naturally inbuilt cooling system, and are ideal for women experiencing hot flushes during menopause.

Larger busted ladies and women who experience breast pain and sensitivity are also choosing Theya.

Ciara and the company are driven by empathetic innovation and a commitment to sustainability to make positive changes for people via Theya collections.

In 2020, when COVID-19 struck, Ciara again created an innovative garment in the form of a seamless, tube design, reusable bamboo mask which is naturally antibacterial, extremely breathable and sustainably produced.

The Theya Reusable Bamboo Mask is Irish designed, EU Certified and approved and is made in the EU.

We hope you love what you see - thank you so very much for your custom and your support.


As well as looking at how our fabric supports healing, we also wanted to examine the impact our range has on clinical and psychosocial well-being in the aftermath of surgery. For that reason we commissioned a clinical trial conducted with patients across four Dublin teaching hospitals. 

The results showed that choice of lingerie has a significant impact particularly in the areas of body image, quality of life and pain levels.  

BODY IMAGE improved by 8.5%

In the clinical trials, our range has been proven to have a positive impact on the well-being of breast cancer patients, both physically and psychologically, during their post-operative recovery phase. The range outperformed competitor products particularly well in the areas of body image. Women wearing THEYA Healthcare Bras during recovery reported an 8.5% improvement in body image, those wearing competing products, reported a 9.5% deterioration in body image. 

HEALTH STATUS improved by 20%

THEYA Healthcare wearers reported 20% improvement in Health Status, our competitor bra group improved by 8%. Our results came as no surprise simply because our unique bamboo fabric is the first to have scientifically measured the beneficial properties of bamboo in medical garments. In a fabric test the fabric mix proved to be bacteriostatic, anti-odour, highly breathable and to have better absorbancy and wicking than cotton, so the wearer stays cool and dry. It is also incredibly soft to the touch! The feminine design helps women feel happier about wearing a post surgery garment as it doesn’t look like a giant bandage. 


Patients wearing THEYA Healthcare bras during this study reported a reduction in irritation, wound discomfort and pain, those wearing competing products complained of discomfort and increased pain around scar. Our bras are seam, label and wire free so they won’t irritate sensitive skin, scars or wounds. Wider, elastic free bands mean the garments are more comfortable and stay in place better. 


The company underwent a brand refresh and brand architecture restructure. The company also announced it had appointed ISKUS Health to be it’s distribution partner in the UK and Ireland. At the same time the company launched the medical and non medical brands online across a number of ecommerce platforms and marketplaces.


Ciara was awarded Entrepreneur of the year at the Irish Women of the Year Awards.
Ciara Donlon has been selected as a mentor on the prestigious NovaUCD/Startup Boost Ireland, which is part of the global Startup Boost initiative, for the Autumn 2020 program, which begins later this month.



Donlon was named Laureate for Europe in the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards which awards female entrepreneurs whose business’s have a social impact either on people or the planet.

Ciara was shortlisted for both the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Emerging category) and the Matheson WMB Female Entrepreneur of the Year.

Theya Healthcare which has raised just under €3 million in investment closed their latest round during the Covid crisis. Their latest investors are The University of Vermont’s Health Network venture arm. This is an important strategic partnership for Theya Healthcare in the US as operations expand into this market over the next two years.


Theya Healthcare is an Irish company and is a member of Guaranteed Irish.