Clinical Study

THEYA Healthcare is committed to delivering products that support healing both physically and emotionally. For that reason, we embarked on a clinical research study to examine the impact of our range on women in the post operative period following a newly diagnosed breast cancer.

The study began in March 2015 and is being conducted in conjunction with UCD and the Irish Research Council (IRC). It is a randomised comparative trial recruiting women volunteers who have undergone mastectomy and breast conserving surgery across three Dublin Academic Teaching Hospitals: The Beacon Hospital, St. James’s Hospital and the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.

The study is being carried out by oncology nurse Claire Kelly, the Clinical Research Manager at THEYA Healthcare as part of her Research Masters. It is entitled ‘Breast Surgery Recovery: The Clinical and Psychosocial Impact of the THEYA Healthcare's Recovery Range’.

The study examines the impact THEYA Healthcare's post surgery range has in comparison to current best practice, by measuring and evaluating the lived experience of women during this difficult time and recovery period; including looking at body image and quality of life.

A very important part of the THEYA Healthcare's ethos is to engage with women who have or have had breast cancer and to base our designs around their needs. To this end we will continually work with these women to develop and improve our products. This clinical study reflects our desire to ensure that our products are fulfilling the needs of the wearers. We hope to publish the results of the study early in 2017.