Clinical Study

THEYA Healthcare is committed to delivering products that support healing both physically and emotionally. For that reason, we commissioned a clinical research study to examine the impact of our range on women in the post operative period following a newly diagnosed breast cancer.

The study began in March 2015 and was carried out by oncology nurse Claire Kelly as part of her Research Masters. It was conducted in conjunction with University College Dublin and the Irish Research Council (IRC).

Key Results from the Clinical Study:

Patients randomised to the intervention group (THEYA Healthcare) showed an improvement of 8.5% in their Body Image, compared to a 9.5% deterioration in Body Image expressed by those randomised to the control group (other brands).

In regard to Quality of Life, respondents wearing the THEYA Healthcare range reported a 20% improvement in health status, with those wearing other brands reporting only an 8% increase over the period of the study.

Participants wearing THEYA Healthcare bras articulated a reduction in levels of irritation, wound discomfort and pain, whereas participants wearing other brands reported discomfort and increased pain levels chiefly in the region of their scar.

Results from the Fabric testing:

The 70% Regenerated Bamboo Fibre (RBF) fabric used in the THEYA Healthcare’s Post Surgery Range demonstrates an increased antibacterial effect compared to 100% cotton on both Gram-positive (92%) and Gram-negative (97%) bacteria which means it could potentially reduce surgical site infections.

Moreover, THEYA Healthcare’s 70% RBF displayed greater horizontal wicking and absorbency than 100% Cotton and a competitor’s product which means they offer greater comfort especially in the context of breast cancer treatment where patients may be experiencing hot flushes from chemotherapy or endocrine therapy or may have hot, inflamed, irritated or broken skin secondary to radiotherapy treatment.