Vision and Values

Our vision is to bring the benefits of bamboo to millions of people through beautifully designed medical and non medical apparel that protects, heals and empowers those who wear them.

Theya Healthcare’s business is built on the belief of positive health and environmental benefits of bamboo - a belief that is backed by strong, scientific evidence. Our post-surgery lingerie, made from patented bamboo mix fabric, promotes healing and provides exceptional comfort and functionality for patients going through a number of medical treatments. Our reusable bamboo fabric facemasks are naturally anti-bacterial, comfortable to wear and help keep people safe from infection and illness.

As a small but growing business, we are at an early stage in our sustainability journey, however the concept of sustainability - balancing social, environmental and economic considerations - has been part of our DNA since day one. It will continue to be core to our ethos and values as we develop new product ranges and grow our business in the future.


This policy applies to Theya Healthcare's operations and supply chain. We ask our employees, suppliers and partners to use the policy to guide their actions as they work to bring Theya Healthcare's products to market.


Our sustainability policy is based on key principles:

  • Compliance with all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice
  • Integration of sustainability considerations into all business decisions
  • Transparency and openness with regards to sustainability practices
  • Continuous improvement in sustainability performance
  • Promotion and encouragement of sustainable behaviours among employees

In putting these principles into practice we aim to make a positive contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which set the global sustainable development agenda to 2030.


We are committed to taking action to ensure that we run our business in a responsible and sustainable way, in line with our vision and values. Below we set out our commitments across the three dimensions of sustainability.


We are committed to:

  • Ensuring a safe working environment for our employees, in line with our health and safety policy. Creating an inclusive working environment where people feel valued and heard and being respectful and decent in how we treat each other and all those we work with. Investing in training and development and providing opportunities for people to progress their careers within Theya Bambú.
  • Offering flexible working and using technology to enable remote/virtual working
  • Ensuring high standards of human rights across our supply chain, with zero tolerance for any form of modern slavery
  • Ensuring positive labour practices across our supply chain, so that those working at the bamboo farming/raw materials stage of the supply chain and in the factories that make our products are treated with respect and paid a fair wage
  • Listening to our customers and designing innovative products that respond to their needs and that enhance their physical and psychological health
  • Engaging positively with the communities where we operate and supporting causes that are aligned to our business where we feel we can make a positive difference


Products & Packaging

We are committed to:

Using only natural and/or recycled fibres to make our products

Designing high quality products that are durable, reusable, and recyclable/ biodegradable

Taking steps reduce the amount of natural resources – energy, water, land - needed to produce our products

Ensuring our bamboo fabric is certified free of harmful chemicals and complies with the requirements of EU REACH legislation and the OEKO-TEX 100 standard

Ensuring that our business does not inadvertently contribute to deforestation by sourcing our bamboo fibre and any paper-based packaging products from sustainably managed forests

Working towards fully sustainable packaging across all of our products, for example by eliminating the use of any plastic packaging materials

Ensuring high standards of environmental management in the factories where our products are made

Operations & Logistics

We are committed to:

  • Reducing energy consumption and waste and switching to renewable energy where possible
  • Using technology to enable remote meetings and reduced business travel, especially flying
  • Transporting our products from factory to warehouse via land or sea as much as possible, using air freight only when necessary
  • Working with our warehousing and logistics partners to find ways to reduce the environmental impacts of storing and delivering our products.

Looking ahead, we will work to develop a sustainability strategy that sets a roadmap for our business to become 100% circular and net-zero carbon. As part of this we hope to have our office located in a certified ‘green’ building.


We are committed to:

  • Doing business ethically and acting with integrity in all of our business dealings
  • Making sustainability a key criteria in our purchasing decisions and our decisions about supplier/partner selection
  • Being responsible and transparent in our marketing and labelling
  • Supporting Irish businesses wherever we can and being a positive ambassador for the Guaranteed Irish mark
  • Enabling our employees to share in the commercial success of the business, through an employee share scheme
  • Communicating our progress with stakeholders on the areas set out in this policy document


Putting this policy into practice day-to-day is the responsibility of every member of the Theya team. Overall responsibility for the policy sits with our CEO and Board.