We are currently finalising details of our annual calendar of Theya Bambú subscriber / community events. Our calendar will include virtual, online and in person events all of which will be COVID regulations compliant and safe of course.

Here at Theya, we like to think of our brands as health and wellbeing solutions, that, through sustainable, innovative design, provide support and community for our customers at various stages in their lives.

As well as helping to heal and feel better faster our brands provide support and natural benefits. We consider you as part of the Theya family, a family of people with shared experiences and appreciation for nature, bamboo, sustainability and innovation. We want to help you in as many ways as we can, long after you have bought one of our garments or products we want to share expertise and insights with our family and hope that you will join us on a path of well being and support for each other.

Upcoming events include

Saturday Yoga Workshops

Cosmetic Surgery
Live Q & A

Nutrition & Weight loss / Management after cancer

Intimacy – Stoma

How to be good with money – the illness edition

Vegan cooking and self care

Know your rights and entitlements

How to dress when you have had a mastectomy

Hair / Make up / Beauty

Menopause – Intimacy / Down there - what women need to know