Why Choose THEYA Healthcare?

THEYA Healthcare designs and manufactures garments that promote healing, offer exceptional comfort and functionality, and look beautiful.

We’ve created a post surgery range of underwear for women who have undergone any type of breast, thoracic, pelvic or abdominal surgery. It is also ideal for women who are receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

When designing and testing our post surgery range, in addition to getting advice from the medical community, we asked 80 women who had undergone treatment for breast cancer to share their insight. As a result, we are confident our products perfectly meet the requirements of women post surgery.

93% of customers say THEYA Healthcare products are of high/very high quality

Our Post Surgery Range is ideal for:

  • Post breast & thoracic surgery
  • Post cosmetic & reconstructive surgery
  • Radiotherapy treatment (chest/abdominal/pelvic)
  • TRAM/DIEP flap reconstruction
  • Laparotomy/laparoscopy
  • C-section/post partum
  • Skin disorders
THEYA Healthcare product features

How Our Design Supports Healing

Reduces irritation

  • is made from a super soft bamboo mix fabric
  • no tags, seams or wires to irritate skin or wounds
  • elastic free under bust and waist bands are more comfortable and offer gentle support

Helps to prevent complications

  • accommodates swelling and facilitates compression control by being highly adjustable
  • does not inhibit/compress drainage tubes so helps lessen incidence and development of haematoma or seroma
  • high underarms are soft and protective to wound sites and cause no compression to the axilla and underarm, helping to reduce incidence of lymphedema

Improves patient experience

  • for patients experiencing reduced mobility after surgery a front fastening option (Peony) is easier to put on/remove
  • front opening makes examination, treatment and wound dressing easier/more dignified as there is no need to undress
  • the Fleur White Back Fastening Post Surgery Comfort Bra TL001D and the Rose White Post Surgery Comfort Short TL022 can be worn during period of radiotherapy
  • removable modesty pads can be worn instead of or with breast form to give shape

How Our Fabric Supports Healing

Anecdotally, we understood the unique bamboo mix fabric THEYA Healthcare uses for post surgery garments was improving patient experience, but we wanted to prove it.

In the first phase of our clinical study, carried out in conjunction with University College Dublin’s (UCD) School of Biomedical Engineering, our unique bamboo mix fabric (patent pending) has proven to have properties which support healing:

Bacteriostatic Effect

  • 97% resistant to gram negative bacteria
  • 92% resistant to gram positive bacteria

Superior absorbency

  • 59% more absorbent than 100% cotton
  • 36% more absorbent than leading competitor product

Better horizontal wicking

  • 19% better horizontal wicking than 100% cotton
  • 118% better horizontal wicking than leading competitor product
The second phase of the study addressing the clinical and psychosocial impact of the THEYA Healthcare range on patient in the immediate post operative period has now been completed and the results will be published very shortly.