Patient Testimonials

"This is the best bra I've ever had. I don't think women who've had treatment for breast cancer will find a better bra than this. It's even helping to heal a fungal infection I've had under my breast for a very long time. I couldn't wear other bras for any length of time, but the Peony I can wear all day!"

- Janice Betteridge

"I just wanted to say a huge well done in making this bra. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September 2015 and required a double mastectomy. Finding the right bra was a big chore and I ended up wearing a nursing bra post op. I had surgery 2 weeks ago to replace a ruptured implant. The nurse mentioned your product and I bought the Peony bra. I can honestly say the bra is perfect. A lot of thought has gone into this garment and I think probably the best on the market for ladies in my position. I have recommended it to ladies in my BRCA group who elect to have preventative surgery or who have had a diagnosis of cancer."

- Debra Rice

"I just got mine Monday and they really are good. It is the first relief I have gotten since having my surgery in February. I'm now on chemo and my skin is so sore I couldn't let any sort of bra near me. I will certainly be ordering another one."

- Anne Donnan

“"After having surgery in January 2015, double mastectomy I went from having large breasts to nothing. After a couple of weeks I was given a post-surgery bra and foam pads which I was very happy to have some sort of a shape, but found the bra very uncomfortable and resting on my scar. I then watched the documentary on THEYA on Xpose to which led me to this super comfortable bra. I truly have to say that this bra was a lifesaver and would highly recommend it to anybody in the immediate aftermath of surgery. My scars sit just a few millimetres from where an ordinary bras under wiring would go but this post-surgery bra actually sits and inch or so lower therefore not touching any scar which can be very sensitive. The fabric is magic, very comfortable and breathable. It doesn’t make you feel hot or sweaty. It also washes very well. I found the front fastening bra perfect at the very beginning, you just put it on like a cardigan. After full auxiliary clearance under left arm I felt very weak and so stretching behind was definitely an effort so this made life a lot easier. I am at present a year after my treatment and have purchased 3 of these bras, I still wear them daily for comfort and nice shape. I can honestly say I wouldn't do without them."

- Áine Pettigrew

“I discovered Theya quite late in my treatment. I had already had a mastectomy and node clearance, chemotherapy was done and I had just finished a pretty intensive course of radiotherapy, it was safe to say that I felt completely unlike myself,my body felt like somebody elses - and then a lovely person handed me a Theya bra. Anyone who has gone through the treatment process for breast cancer will know very well that there are as many mental adjustments as physical ones along the way. The discomfort of ill-fitting underwear along with those sudden surges of heat that come at the most inopportune moments didn’t help the mental process and left me deflated – pun completely intended. The first day I wore a Theya bra I forgot I was wearing it. That is a simple but priceless truth. It was the first time I had actually worn a bra in quite a while because my skin was too sensitive for any bra I had tried on prior to Theya. The fabric is soft and pliable with no seams to aggravate sensitive skin and it is remarkably absorbent, so while I still have the surges of heat they are no longer accompanied by a lather of sweat! It gives good support while also giving you a shape without any digging in to your skin. I honestly couldn’t recommend Theya highly enough. Whether you are currently going through treatment for breast cancer or just looking for underwear that hugs as opposed to strangles - Theya for me is it."

- Gillian Flood

“I was dreading putting any bra on the day after my operation, but the THEYA bra is so soft and comfortable it doesn't feel like it's squashing anything at all. Amazingly it gives support without feeling that you are actually wearing a bra; it is as comfortable as it could possibly be considering. I am so thankful I have been able to wear one of the THEYA bras the last three weeks and felt at ease after my operation. “

- Sarah Evans

“Theya lingerie an absolute must have for anyone not just people who have had surgery. After being diagnosed with cancer at 30 then having breast and axilla surgery I have continually struggled to find comfortable bras. They would either dig into my rib, cut into my node removal scar, trap lymphodaema or just generally look ugly. Which is not what I wanted at all. After being introduced to Theya I will never go back. The cup is comfortable and high holding without looking unpleasant. The bras are uniquely feminine and offer the support and comfort needed. I would recommend Theya lingerie to anyone even ladies who have not had surgery they are an absolute must have! I just love the bras! Victoria x"

- Victoria Bowes

“I love my Theya back fastening bra, as I have very irritable skin, and as the bra is made out of bamboo, it is so comfortable & soft. I don't suffer from what the bra is designed for, but selected it for its super softness and minimal use of elastics as my skin condition causes me such discomfort. As the bra is really supportive and comfortable I don't feel the need to take it off as soon as I get home, like I do wearing normal bras. I would be able to wear the Theya styles all day long with no discomfort, and I have not experienced this with my other bras. Thank you! “

- Claire Nicholl

"My name is Jennifer Gregg. This is my story. In 2010 I had a right partial mastectomy and radiotherapy. I have being wearing mastectomy bras since. They are not particularly comfortable.In March 2015 I had a total Left mastectomy with lat-dorsi flap reconstruction. I discovered THEYA Lingerie days prior to my surgery. I emailed and explained my pending surgery and within 2 days I had the product. I wore the front fastening recovery bra 3 days post-surgery. It was so comfortable to wear. It accommodated 3 drains with ease. The material is cool and supportive. The products are so pretty, which is fantastic as most products on the market are not. I am currently 4 weeks post-surgery and doing fantastic The two surgeons in charge of my care are extremely impressed with the products so much so that the products are now being recommended by two hospitals in the Cork area The products have made my recovery so much easier and give great shape. I will have the rest of my right breast removed in October and have a lat-dorsi flap reconstruction then. So the THEYA bra will of great benefit then. I am looking forward to future products."

- Jennifer Gregg, Nurse

"My name is Emma Fogarty and I have Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB). Like most people with RDEB, I have wounds that cover over 70% of my body but I've always found my shoulders and underarms very difficult to bandage and be comfortable with clothing/underwear. Over the years I've tried all sorts of underwear, buying expensive and cheaper versions of bras and underwear. Then in the early months of 2016 I met Clare from a company called THEYA Healthcare . I looked at their underwear samples and was I was so excited to try them. I put them on that evening and immediately saw a difference in what I used to wear. They were so different. They were so so comfortable and the softest piece of clothing I have ever tried. The fact that they are seamless, have no tags, no exposed clips and no areas of digging in makes them so appealing. It doesn't hurt or cause new wounds/blisters anywhere. I cannot express how comfy they are. I now live in them and plan on getting many more pieces from THEYA . It's the best idea and product I've come across in years. All I can say is that when I wore them it felt like I had a second skin.…which is what every EB patient needs!!! I would highly recommend them to anyone."

- Emma Fogarty, Patient Ambassador, DEBRA Ireland.

"I purchased the Theya Healthcare support briefs last week. I really like them, the brief supports my urinary bag and stops it from sagging. It doesn't put pressure on the supra pubic catheter site. I have tried other brands but Theya is very comfortable and easy to wear."

- Mary Colgan


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