When our customers are happy, we're happy!

We regularly ask our customers to tell us how we're doing and we use what you tell us to make our products and service the best that they can be.

We recently totted up the feedback you've given us so far in 2017 and we were pretty chuffed with the results, so we thought we'd share them.

You're telling us we're headed in the right direction and we know you will continue to keep us on the right track in the years to come! Thank you for your continued support and input into the THEYA Healthcare range.


90percent customer satisfaction

90% of customers said that they are satisfied with THEYA Healthcare.

We were delighted that 90% of you told us you are satisfied customers, 76% even told us you are 'very satisfied' with THEYA Healthcare.
93% rate quality high

93% of customers agree that THEYA Healthcare post surgery garments are of high/very high quality!

We work hard to produce high quality garments, so when 93% of you told us you considered them to be of high or very high quality we were thrilled! And we were even more delighted that not one customer from everyone surveyed in 2017 so far rated the products as low quality!

86 percent meets needs very well

86% of customers told us THEYA Healthcare post surgery garments meet their needs very/extremely well.

Meeting our customers needs well is really important to all of us so it's great for us to hear that 86% of you consider that our products meet your post surgery needs very or extremely well. Again there were no negative results either as the remaining 14% said that our products met your needs somewhat well. 

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