Theya Healthcare and Bamboo: A Love Story

Our Bamboo Fabric

We love bamboo so much we wanted to be together forever. As a fabric, it is the undisputed champion when compared to cotton, we just love bamboo, so very much. It's the reason our products have been a firm favourite among health care professionals, women undergoing breast cancer treatment, and those suffering with even the most severe skin conditions.

Theya Healthcare secret miracle ingredient, but you can call it your bamboo bestie. We use bamboo viscose to create all our innovative products, because you deserve to fall in love with it too.

Our bras and undies sit on our precious skin all day, every day, why would we settle for anything less than the best?The clothes we wear on our bodies can affect our skin and our health; this is especially true for our underwear (for obvious reasons).

the results are in

Bamboo vs Cotton

We tested our bamboo mix fabric against 100% cotton.


Our bamboo mix resulted in a 97% reduction in bacteria tested. Cotton resulted in a 0% reduction.

Superior fabric

Our bamboo mix fabric came out on top for tests on breathability, absorbancy, and wicking rate.

Proven to heal

In clinical trials, patients wearing our bamboo fabric experienced accelerated healing when compared to cotton.


Approximately 10 times more bamboo can be produced per square meter than cotton plants.

The use of harmful chemicals, and poorly constructed fabrics that negatively affect our skin and our health are prevalent issues in the clothing industry.

The perfect material to wear close to the skin

Theya Healthcare Bamboo


Studies proved our bamboo fabric to be highly antibacterial, reducing the risk of infection.


Suitable for even the most severe skin conditions, has even helped soothe and heal the effects of EB (Epidermolysis bullosa).

Healing Properties

Our fabric has been scientifically tested and proven to help your body heal and feel better, simply by wearing it. Our products have even been observed to heal the effects of EB simplex.

Thermally Regulating

Allows your body maintain its core internal temperature (keeps you cool). 

Highly Absorbent

59% more absorbent than pure cotton at that.

High Wicking Ability

Our fabric transfers moisture (sweat) to the outer surface rapidly. Meaning you feel fresh and dry, even when active.

Odor Neutralizing

The combination of antibacterial properties and high wicking ability make our fabric powerfully odor-neutralizing.

Superior Fabric

Sustainable, free from harmful chemicals, vegan friendly, and luxuriously soft, meeting the highest standards for textiles.

A material that is worn on your body should never be anything less than amazing,

We chose bamboo because a woman's body deserves the best

Throughout our product development process, we have tested our bamboo fabric against the competition, and the next most popular material – 100% cotton. Theya Healthcare bamboo emerged as the undisputed champion. Our bamboo underwear is adored by the women who wear it and backed by top healthcare professionals around the world.

Kind to your skin, kind to our planet, kind of perfect