Science with Empathy

We've put our bamboo fabric to the test. Studies showed our bamboo fabric not only protects, but also accelerates the healing process.

In addition to a comprehensive fabric testing study, we conducted a clinical trial with breast cancer patients to see how our bamboo bras helped their recovery.

By combining scientific research with empathy, Theya Healthcare creates sustainable products to ensure better health outcomes, improve women’s quality of life, and give women product’s that they deserve throughout all their life stages.

Theya Healthcare Mission Statement

Our fabric testing


The fabric testing was completed in the laboratory of University College Dublin Biomedical Engineering at the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

Bacteriostatic (Antibacterial)

As per the international standard test method “AATCC TM 100: 2004 Antibacterial Finishes on Textiles” (AATCC, 2004), Theya Healthcare's bamboo mix fabric was tested in comparison to 100% cotton.

Using two bacteria that mimic those most commonly found in SSIs, one Gram-positive (Staphylococcus Epidermis) and one Gram-negative (Pseudomonas Fluorescens).

NaOH + EtOH is used as a positive control, to ensure a clear anti-microbial effect for the bacteria. 


The ability of an undergarment fabric to absorb large amounts of perspiration is vital for patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer, who may be experiencing hot flushes from chemotherapy or endocrine therapy or may have hot, inflamed, irritated or broken skin secondary to radiotherapy treatment.

Using the Laboratory protocol derived as per the “British Standard Method of Test for Wettability of Textile Fabrics, BS4554:1970”, Theya Healthcare's bamboo fabric's wettability was tested against 100% cotton, and the leading competitor bra, the Amoena Francis.

Wicking Ability

The ability of a fabric to transfer sweat to the outer surface and evaporate, the horizontal wicking rate is responsible for sweat evaporation during activity (Raja et al, 2012).

It quantitatively measures the horizontal movement of water by capillary action laterally throughout a textile material. In short, the faster a fabric can draw moisture away from the skin, the more comfortable the wearer.

The test conducted used the international standard test method “AATCC TM 198:2012 – Horizontal Wicking of Textiles” (AATCC, 2012).


In order to assess the breathability of our bamboo mix in comparison to 100% cotton, the fabrics were evaluated using a test that simulates the heat and moisture transfer of the human skin, ISO 11092: 1993, “Textiles – Determination of physiological properties – Measurement of thermal and water‐vapour resistance under steady‐state conditions (sweating guarded‐ hotplate test)”.

The fabrics were tested in a two layer assembly as post surgery bras generally have two layers of fabric given the inclusion of a breast form pocket. Water vapour resistance (Ret) is expressed in m².Pa/W and is a measure for breathability. The lower the score, the more breathable the fabric.

Our clinical study


Our clinical study was carried out in conjunction with four teaching hospitals in Dublin, Ireland. The participants consisted of women aged 46-79 years, who were newly diagnosed with breast cancer and undergoing surgery.


Early Intervention | Assessing the Clinical and Psychosocial Impact of Post Surgery Lingerie

As a company founded on love and empathy from woman to woman, we commissioned a clinical study in conjunction with the top university hospitals in Ireland to thoroughly assess the impact our post-surgery bras made on real women going through breast cancer.

Our clinical study examined how post-operative lingerie affected the women’s experience, and whether the type (brand) worn following breast cancer surgery, had a significant impact clinically and psychosocially on participants.

When science meets empathy, the results are incredible

The Results

Body Image: Improved by 8.5%

Women wearing our bras during recovery reported an 8.5% improvement in body image, those wearing competing products, reported a 9.5%
deterioration in body image.

Health Status: Improved by 20%

Women wearing our bras reported a 20% improvement in Health Status, women wearing the competitor bra improved by 8%.

Pain Levels: Significantly Reduced

Patients wearing Theya Healthcare reported a reduction in irritation, wound discomfort, and pain, those wearing competitor products complained of discomfort and increased pain around scars.


Our products are created with responsibly & ethically sourced organic bamboo.

the results

Clinical Study: Participant Feedback

I don’t feel the need to take it off whereas I needed to get those other bras off me, it was like having a rope tied around you, you know?

Intervention Group (Theya Healthcare Bra Feedback)