Our Story

It all started with a Rose. Theya Healthcare founder Ciara Donlon’s grandmother, Rose Donlon.

Rose was a breast cancer survivor and an amazing lady who inspired her grandaughter to set a new standard for women when they need it most.

Our story starts back in 2012, when the idea for one of the first femtech companies in the world was created. Theya Healthcare founder and CEO Ciara Donlon owned a lingerie boutique in Dublin, Ireland. Women with breast cancer were coming into the store, trying to find a bra that accommodated their needs throughout their breast cancer journey, without compromising on comfort or quality. Unable to find a suitable post surgery bra, they were buying nursing bras from Ciara’s store. 

Ciara decided to look into the market and found that the main manufacturer’s were medical device companies who made the breast forms and that the post surgery bras they designed were engineered by men, designed to hold up the breast forms, had no input by the women and little thought was given to the comfort of the woman who would wear it for 8 weeks 24/7. Women were forced to wear mastectomy/post surgery bras made from itchy, scratchy, uncomfortable synthetic materials designed by men for women!

Ciara decided this needed to change and Theya Healthcare was born; designed by women for women.

creating the perfect product

Ciara began worldwide research, with real women going through breast cancer

Because real women know what they want and need from a bra as they go through breast cancer treatment.

Since we began supporting women with our products in 2015, we continue to place women at the center of the design process, listening to what is needed by the women we are here to support. 

Our Bamboo Fabric

When searching for a natural, sustainable alternative to the materials currently on the market, Ciara discovered bamboo, and it was love at first feel.

Bamboo fabric is superbly soft and widely believed to contain healing properties. It sounded like a miracle material, but rumor wasn’t going to cut it, Ciara wanted scientific proof.

This led to a clinical study, where Theya Healthcare bamboo fabric was put to the test. The results exceeded all expectations (read all about it here).

The revolution in women’s underwear began. ​

Our story so far

The Timeline

Theya Healthcare

Named after the goddess of strength, Irish & female-founded Theya Healthcare is born , becoming the creators of the world's first sustainable bamboo fibre post-surgery underwear range, designed for breast cancer survivors. 

Our Mission

​To offer women-centered health and wellbeing solutions across female life stages, combining scientific and customer research to build innovative, sustainable designs using naturally occurring materials.​

By combining scientific research with empathy, Theya Healthcare creates sustainable products to ensure better health outcomes, improve women’s quality of life, and give women product’s that they deserve throughout all their life stages.