Benefits of Bamboo & Graphene in Period Products

Bamboo Fibre

Not only is it sustainable, uses no fertilisers, pesticides or farm machinery it speeds up healing as its naturally anti-bacterial, highly absorbent and wickable, UV resistant, hypoallergenic and thermally regulating phew what a CV!!!

Odour Resistant

Bamboo inherently has antibacterial properties, which means it resists the growth of bacteria and fungus that can nest within fibres and cause odour over time. Some synthetic activewear is chemically treated to make it odour resistant, but these chemicals can cause allergic reactions and are especially problematic for sensitive skin (not to mention bad for the environment). Bamboo clothing resists odours naturally making it better than other materials.



Graphene is a strong and durable material that consists of a single layer of carbon atoms. These atoms are tightly bonded by strong chemical bonds, which makes graphene 200 times stronger than steel. This material is part of one of the most abundant substances in nature, graphite (graphite can be found, for example, in the mines of our pencils). One millimetre of graphite contains three million layers of graphene!

Non Toxic





The use of a combination of bamboo and graphene in our period underwear ensures that all wearers can rest assured that their period underwear are highly anti-bacterial, odour neutralizing and highly absorbent making them ideal period pants that can give you peace of mind while you bleed.


Our products are created with responsibly & ethically sourced bamboo.