Why Choose Bamboo?

soft, sustainable, anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic,

Bamboo is known as a miracle plant

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At the beginning of our journey, Theya Healthcare's founder and CEO Ciara Donlon set out to find a premium material, that comforted women after surgery, as opposed to the itchy, scratchy, downright uncomfortable bras on the market.

Ciara discovered bamboo, and upon learning more about it, considered it a miracle material.

This led to a clinical study of bamboo, that examined the physical and psycho-social aspect of apparel worn for four weeks, post surgery.

The results were astounding and only further reinforced the miracle reputation of bamboo.

Theya is dedicated to creating innovative bamboo based garments to set a superior standard for what women wear on their skin.

We love it so much,
we put our name on it

the results are in

countless health benefits, backed up by science



Theya Healthcare has its very own patented bamboo mix fabric.

Our bamboo is luxuriously soft and breathable. Since we only use bamboo that is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 approved, you can be sure that it is free from any harmful substances.


Ideal for all skin types, our bamboo fabric is especially kind to those with sensitive skin, skin ailments, blisters, burns, skin breakages and leaky wounds.


Anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, odour neutralising, UV-resistant, thermally-regulating, highly absorbant, wickable, uses no pesticides or fertilisers, and is as soft as cashmere on the skin.


Why settle for anything less?

Kind to your skin, kind to the planet, kind of perfect.

Bamboo - a best friend for life.

Why Our Products?

good for you

Bamboo has an abundance of health benefits, and has been proven to accelerate healing as its naturally anti-bacterial, highly absorbent and wickable, UV resistant, hypoallergenic and thermally regulating.

premium fabric

Our bamboo fabric is as soft as cashmere and comfortable on your skin. So soft you'll never want to take it off. We've been told our products feel like wearing a hug, but we'll let you decide for yourself.

good for the earth

Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable resource. Unlike other fibres, bamboo prevents soil erosion, requires no fertilisers or pesticides, and even self generates from its own roots. Wow.

We choose bamboo because your body deserves the best

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