Choose The Right Size Post Surgery Bra

We would always recommend a professional bra fitting where possible, but if that's not an option for you, we hope this guide will help you find your perfect post surgery bra.

Choosing a post surgery bra follows much the same process as for all bras, although there are some important points to note.

If you’ve had a lumpectomy or single mastectomy, fit bra to the remaining natural breast. After a bilateral (double) mastectomy, fit bra to back size and to support the breast forms/prostheses. Theya Healthcare bras support a prosthesis up to an E cup.

For the immediate post surgery period, a front fastening bra is recommended as you may have limited arm mobility. Your surgeon may recommend you wear the bra 24/7 for 4-6 weeks. A smooth back makes them comfortable to sleep in.

Your first priority for your post surgery bra should be comfort. A tiny niggle now can become a source of severe discomfort after surgery. So avoid bras with seams, wires and tags. Your bra should also be designed to accommodate post surgery swelling, dressings and drains easily.


Try on the bra

Try On The Bra 

Try on the bra and bend forward at the waist so that your breast(s) fall fully into the cups. This will help to ensure that the bra sits correctly in order to check the fit. If you have a breast/form or prosthetic put it in to see how it sits.






check underarm

Check Underarm Is Not Too Tight 

If you are suffering from oedema (swelling due to fluid build up) it is important that the underarm not be too tight. You should wear the bra on loosest band setting so it is supportive but comfortable and can be tightened as swelling reduces.




band too tight

Check The Band Is Not Too Tight

If you’ve just had surgery, fit the bra to the loosest hook & eyes, as swelling reduces/bra loosens with wear, you will be able to tighten it. If you’re about to have surgery, fit to middle hook & eyes so that your bra can accommodate any swelling/drains. The bra should feel supportive and comfortable.





band too loose

Check Band Is Not Too Loose

The underband should stay in place when you raise your arms over your head, if it rides up then the band is too loose so you need a smaller size. The band should be level all the way around, if it bows upwards at the back, then you need a smaller size.




shoulder straps

Check shoulder straps

Straps should feel secure but not dig in. The main support should come from the underband, not the straps. Set adjusters to the middle to allow for adjustment as necessary. If loosest setting is required, go up a size, if tightest, go down a size.





cups too small

Check cups aren’t too small

Your breasts should fit snugly within the cups of the bra, if there is spillage at the top of the cup, then you should try a larger size.






cups too big

Check cups support correctly

It is important that the cups properly support your breast, if there is gaping in the cup, then try going down a size to get a better fit.







just right

How does it feel?

The top priority for a post surgery bra is your comfort, your Theya Healthcare bra should make you feel gently supported with no discomfort at all.











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