Early Onset Medical Menopause | My Story

Early Onset Medical Menopause | My Story

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Menopause: Social and Side Effects

Throughout history, women were silenced, misdiagnosed, told they were crazy, and shut down from speaking about their symptoms.
Hot flushes, sensitive skin, sensitive breasts, vaginal atrophy, bladder incontinence, Plantar Fasciitis, brain fog, poor eyesight, UTIs, and vaginal infections brought on by vaginal atrophy to name but a few!
Menopause is called “sin el yaess” in Arabic, which translates to “the age of despair”, signaling the negative perception of this time in a woman’s life. So, I must say, I feel lucky to be going through menopause at a time of menopause awareness movements. 
Amongst the myriad of 'delightful' side effects of breast cancer treatment is early onset medical menopause.
Menopause symptoms impact the lives of approximately 25 million women per year and 6,000 women in the U.S. enter perimenopause every day (That’s 2.2 million each year!).
Woman of menopause age researching her symptoms online wearing glasses

By 2025, there will be over one billion people experiencing menopause in the world, or around 12% of the entire world population.

Stigma, lack of open discussion, and a small product offering at an affordable price are barriers to care for women. The menopause market was valued at around $15 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach approximately $23 billion by 2028.

“The menopause arena represents a $600bn spending opportunity for businesses to tap into, and a market more than twenty times larger than the vegan space.” 


When our physical and mental health is in good shape and we are heard and appreciated we can do anything and this time in our lives can be so liberating. 
Be as positive as you can as often as you can it really does help and good things happen when you look at the world and your life in a positive way.  
Enjoy your freedom from periods!
Travel, read, get arts and craftsy, and take time for yourself!  
Love yourself, and take care of yourself for a change.
Enjoy and choose happy.
-Love, Jenn