Preventing Flair-Ups | 3 Skin Loving Tips

Preventing Flair-Ups | 3 Skin Loving Tips

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Our skin goes through a lot day after day. Some simple routine changes and new habits could mean less irritating flair-ups and reactions. There are of course some skin reactions and changes beyond our control, but it's certainly worthwhile incorporating some new skin-loving habits into your daily routine to keep your skin as happy as can be.


1. Ditch the Unnecessary Products

Skincare is an expensive industry to keep up with. It seems that no matter what products we have there's always one that comes along claiming to be the new "secret" to better skin. We're calling BS. Unless medical/professional advice has said otherwise, keep it simple and save yourself time and money. A gentle soap and clean washcloth cleansing routine followed by a trusty moisturizer application every day can be exactly what your skin needs to stay clean, fresh, and clear of harmful toxins and chemicals, which could very well be the cause rather than the cure.

2. Keep a Food Diary

If flair-ups and seemingly random reactions are causing your skin distress, a food diary can be key to either identifying a recurring pattern or eliminating the possibility of a food-related reaction. Start keeping track of your food and drink intake and it could be something as simple as a food intolerance that's been the problem with the constant breakouts and/or skin reactions.

3. Change your Pillowcase

Regularly. Treat your pillowcases to a long hot wash cycle regularly to kill any lingering nasties. Resting your face on the same material night after night can take its toll. Our hair alone can harbor bacteria, pollen, and grease to name but a few, and then at night we rub our hair and faces all over the same pillowcase. Yikes.