black bamboo bra for after surgery with front fastening feature

Post Surgery Briefs & Shorts

Our Petal bamboo briefs and Rose bamboo shorts are both created using soft bamboo fibre making them naturally hypoallergenic, antibacterial, anti odour, anti fungal, thermo regulating, breathable, UV resistant, eco friendly, sustainable as well as latex free & vegan friendly. Feel at ease and comforted post surgery as all of our briefs and shorts have no tags or wires while they are made from incredibly soft bamboo which has proven healing properties and is capable of drawing moisture away from the skin faster than 100% cotton. 


Post surgery briefs and shorts from Theya Healthcare offer complete comfort after your surgery but also assist and comfort you during your healing process. Our briefs and shorts are clinically proven to help you heal and feel better faster while our garments are suitable for anyone who has recently undergone surgery whether it be cosmetic surgery or a necessary medical procedure.

Browse our range of Petal bamboo briefs and Rose bamboo shorts post surgery bras and find the perfect garments to support you during your recovery. From pelvic and abdominal surgery to labiaplasty, our post-op undies are designed to stay by your side and accelerate your recovery in total comfort.

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