Period products and...

... the Environment

Each female will use enough disposable period products
in her lifetime that will result in

approximately 58Kg’s per female going to land fill…..

Tampons and pads take 500-800 years to decompose…..



..... your Health

Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS): Tampons have been known to
cause an acute

bacterial infection called toxic shock syndrome. In
the US, 3 women in every 100,000 women are

affected by this. It can be fatal for 50% of those women

…Girls & Sport

...your teenage daughter


... girls with special needs


...medical device vs fast fashion

Tampons and disposable pads are supposedly medical devices and yet in many places do
not even list their components on the packaging. In New York state for example a law was
passed in 2019 to ensure that all ingredients were listed, but this only came into effect in
October 2021 (3). The food we eat, the clothes we buy, they list what they are made of
but many period products (some of which are placed internally such as tampons) do not
list what they are made of….. They contain items such as chlorine, Fluorine, plastic, glue,
pesticides, bleach and so on….

If you are buying premium reusable period products that are made following the medical
device directive; ISO 13485 and the biocompatibility directive; ISO 10993 you can be assured that your products will have been made to the highest safety standards and will have
been tested to ensure that no components of the product can cause any adverse reactions
or harm to the user. Medical device factories are audited on a yearly basis and follow strict
guidelines and rules.