Choose the Right Size Post Surgery Bra | The Expert Guide

Choose the Right Size Post Surgery Bra | The Expert Guide

Choosing the right bra after surgery follows a similar process as choosing any other kind of bra, but there are some particularly important points to note! 

How to Choose the Right Size Post-Surgery Bra

When choosing a post-surgery bra, we recommend a professional bra fitting where possible but if that's not an option for you, we hope this guide will help you find the perfect bra to support you post-operation and through your recovery. 

Choosing the right bra after surgery follows a similar process as choosing any other kind of bra, but there are some particularly important points to note! 

 Important to Note:

  • If you’ve had a lumpectomy or single mastectomy, fit the bra to the remaining natural breast. After a bilateral (double) mastectomy, fit the bra to your back size and to support a breast form or prostheses (Our Mastectomy Bras are designed to support a prosthesis up to an E cup). 
  • Immediately after surgery, a front fastening bra is best as you may experience limited arm mobility. Your surgeon or doctor may recommend that you wear the bra 24/7 for 4-6 weeks. For this reason, a soft, and comfortable material that allows you to sleep with ease, will be invaluable to you. 
  • Comfort is the number one priority when choosing a bra after any procedure or surgery. Bras with seams, wires, and tags are not your friend, and should be avoided! The ideal bra should be designed to accommodate any possible post-surgery swelling, dressings, and drains, without compromising your comfort.



Try on the bra

1. Try It On

Try on the bra and bend forward at the waist so that your breast(s) fall fully into the cups. This will help to ensure that the bra sits correctly on your body. If you have a breast/form or prosthetic, see how the bra feels with this inserted. 
(Psst: Please try the bra on over your clothes and do not remove any tags, just in case you need to exchange it for another size.  We can only accept returned bras that have clearly never been worn - for obvious reasons). 


check underarm


2. Check the Underarm Fit

Ensure the bra is not too tight or too loose – but just right. If you are suffering from oedema (swelling due to a build-up of fluid), it is important that the underarm not be too tight. You should wear the bra on the loosest band setting so it is supportive but comfortable, and can be adjusted to accommodate the reduction of swelling.  


band too tight

3. Check The Band Is Not Too Tight

If you’ve just had surgery very recently, adjust the bra to the loosest hook and eye closure. As swelling reduces, and the bra loosens with wear, you will be able to tighten it. If you have not yet had your procedure, close the bra at the middle hook and eye adjustment, so that your bra can accommodate any post-op swelling, and/or drains. The bra should feel supportive and comfortable pre and post-surgery.  


band too loose


4. Check Band Is Not Too Loose

The under band of the bra should stay in place when you raise your arms over your head, if it rides up then the band is too loose and you need a smaller size. The band should be level all the way around, if it bows upwards at the back, then you need a smaller size. 

shoulder straps


5. Check Shoulder Straps

Straps should feel secure but comfortable, not digging into your skin. The main support should come from the under band, not the straps. Set the closure to the middle fitting, to allow for adjustment as necessary. If the loosest setting is required, go up a size, if the tightest is necessary, then go down a size.  


cups too small


6. Check the Cup Fit

Your breasts should fit snugly within the cups of the bra, if there is spillage at the top of the cup, then you should try a larger size. 



 cups too big

7. Check Cups Support you Correctly

It is important that the cups properly support your boobs, if there is gaping in the cup, then try going down a size to get a better fit. 


just right


How does it feel?

The top priority for a post-surgery bra is your comfort, your bra should make you feel gently supported, with no discomfort at all. 

 Front closure bamboo bra at Theya Healthcare


 What Design is Best For Me?

Immediately After Surgery

If you are awaiting surgery or have just had surgery very recently (within the last 6 weeks), the best bras for you would be our The Peony Zip Front and The Peony Hook & Eye styles. They are both designed to accommodate your body immediately after surgery and are suitable for wear following any procedure, from mastectomy to breast enhancement, to cardiothoracic surgery. Our bamboo fabric has been put to test and scientifically proven to accelerate recovery when compared to pure cotton (they really have to be worn to be believed).


The Zip Front

Wireless Zip Front bamboo bra for post surgery wear


The Hook and Eye Front

Front hook and eye fastening bamboo bra with no seams and no wires and compression control features.


If your operation was 6 months ago or more:

We recommend The Fleur Wireless Bamboo Bra with back hook and eye fastening. No wires, no seams, and no tags, and a fabric so soft you'll never want a basic bra near you again.


High rise front bra for 6 weeks post surgery and operation

  Pssst ...

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